‘We Are Fair Cop’ founder and amateur aviation enthusiast Harry “The Owl” Miller has taken to the skies in his latest battle against the politicisation of British aerospace, in an ACME-brand rainbow-extracting flying machine designed to preserve the integrity of the sky’s natural blue.

Adapted from technology originally engineered for the hunting of desert wildlife, the jet-powered device uses a combination of ultraviolet lighting, multiple reflective surfaces and twin dehumidification chambers in order to eliminate rainbows from the field of human vision immediately upon their appearance.

“The sky is by its very nature supposed to be apolitical,” explained Harry, strapping himself in while preparing for take off.

“I act on behalf of the majority of sane individuals who are sick of having this alphabet soup virtue signalling shoved down our throats every time we look up and observe the refraction of light through water droplets promoting the agenda of the so-called ROYGBIV community.”

Laurence Fox, Harry’s partner in the upcoming comedy series ‘The Bad Law Project’, was quick to agree, pointing to a recent Twitter suspension for juxtaposing a photograph of a rainbow with that of a giant swastika flag.

“One of these is apparently fine, the other is not,” the divorced ex-actor explained. “I think that tells you everything you need to know.”

Harry’s maiden flight was not without its setbacks, climatic variations leading to excessive fuel consumption by the dehumidification chambers, depleting the aircraft’s reserves at a higher rate than would allow for a safe landing.

However, as of press time, Harry had spotted an opportunity for an easy refuelling, and was steering towards a brightly-painted door on the side of a nearby mountain.