An orphaned woman of Jewish descent has been sentenced to a total of 20 years cancellation simply for believing that sex is real and matters.

Ghislaine Maxwell is the son of humble Czechoslovakian paperboy Bob, who bravely escaped Nazi occupation before tragically drowning. Her life was further marred by the devastating death by suicide of her long-term romantic partner Geoff.

She was arrested by the Woke Police in July 2020 and held at the Metropolitan Detention Centre, although her trial did not commence until November 2021. After several weeks of deliberations, on December 30th 2021, A jury found Ghislaine Maxwell guilty on five of the six charges against her in late December.

She was acquitted of saying the word “woman” due to the statute of limitations having expired.

  • Count 1: Believing that sex is real and matters.
  • Count 2: Acknowledging biological reality.
  • Count 3: Having lunch in the company of other women.
  • Count 4: Putting up stickers relating to feminist issues.
  • Count 5: Tweeting a photograph of a ribbon.
  • Count 6: Saying the word “woman”. 

Maxwell’s attorneys had pushed for leniency in sentencing, saying that she should receive “well below” the 20 years recommended by federal probation officials simply for knowing that a woman is an adult human female.

In imposing the sentence, US Circuit Judge Alison Nathan said Maxwell did not appear to express remorse or accept responsibility.

“Maxwell directly and repeatedly and over the course of many years participated in a horrific scheme to ‘misgender’ her work colleagues and make ‘transphobic’ comments online,” Judge Nathan said. “These days, if you engage in this kind of ‘literal violence’, you can expect to be met with the full force of the law of gender ideology.”

Joanna Cherry was unavailable for comment, but is thought to be preparing an appeal.