Professor of philosophy and gender-critical feminist author Kathleen Stock has been knighted in this year’s Queen’s birthday honours, despite initial hesitancy to accept the title.

Speaking at a signing of her recent book ‘Bitch, I’m Madonna: Why Reality Matters for Feminism’, Sir Kathleen spoke of a “feeling of suspicion” upon first hearing of the unconventional award, before later deciding to accept.

“Initially, I assumed it was some kind of trans-activist prank,” said Stock. “Obviously I’m aware that the honour of knighthood is traditionally reserved for men, so I put it down to some kind of satirical comment on my gender views.”

“But upon receiving official confirmation, I began to warm to the idea. Above all else, I am a thinker and a philosopher. I’ve been trained to question everything, and not assume that the labels we assign things are somehow fixed and eternal.”

“After all, what kind of professor of philosophy would I be, if I adhered to some rigid concept of reality that couldn’t evolve or become redefined over time?”

“I have always said that, as feminists, we need to be constantly open to challenging the ways in which we relate to the role of women and the concept of womanhood itself,” said Sir Kathleen. “And if me accepting this honour can somehow contribute to this culture of fluidity of ideas, then I suppose it would be churlish of me not to accept.”

At this point, the book signing was suspended, pending the forthcoming paperback release.