1. While gender critical beliefs themselves are protected under UK law, you still can’t say anything these days.
  2. If you are banned from Twitter and unable to be transphobic from home, you should continue to travel to your workplace. Social distancing rules continue to apply.
  3. While masks are no longer mandatory, a thin veneer of politeness is required at all times when enquiring if a work colleague is “one of those they/thems”.
  4. While intentional misgendering, deadnaming and characterising transgender people as predatory pedophiles remain valid forms of workplace expression, they must not be conducted in such a way that constitutes harassment.
  5. Men aren’t women tho.
  6. These days, if you post a photograph of a ribbon, you get arrested and thrown in jail.
  7. Any future re-releases or compilation appearances of the ‘Material Girl’-sampling 1998 collaboration ‘If You Buy This Record Your Life Will Be Better’ by The Tamperer featuring Maya, must now be published until the full title ‘If You Buy This Record Your Life Will Be Better (Subject To Certain Specified Exceptions)’.
  8. In ‘Troubled Blood’, the latest work of crime fiction by Robert Galbraith (pen name of J.K. Rowling), the murderer is the character named Janice.
  9. Regarding the ‘Trans’ issue, the court notes in the case of Neil Young vs Geffen Records, that while the album had initially been described as “unrepresentative” and “uncharacteristic” of the artist they had signed a lucrative contract with, the themes of digital alienation and strained communication made for a surprisingly prescient record whose critical standing has greatly improved over time.
  10. Jokes about Maya “losing her appeal” no longer quite work, effective immediately.